After matriculating in 1984, I completed a higher education diploma, qualifying to teach Physical Science and Maths in secondary schools. Whilst teaching, I continued to study and completed a BSc degree and followed this with an honours degree in Education in which I specialised in children with specialised educational needs.


My keen interest in trying to understand “how, why and what can be done about” children who learn differently led to continued studies in psychology of education as well as courses in neuropsychology. My masters degree in psychology of education, followed by an internship with the WCED, led to my registration with the HPCSA as a private practising Educational Psychologist. I developed a specialised interest in children with developmental delays and autism. This led to further studies, resulting in my doctoral degree where I researched the neoropsychological profiles of learners with Asperger Syndrome.


My practise has always been focussed on analysing the results of assessments and then focussing on providing solutions and intervention plans for the child within his learning environment, as well as providing support for parents. A ‘sabbatical period in 2011/2012 resulted in the development of ELS (Eureka Learning Systems), an educational programme which is used to address individual “barriers to learning” in a therapeutic setting. I continue to research, write and present workshops and training in the field of learning and developmental “disorders”.