Dr. Lyn Thijsse (DEd (psychology of education); MEd; BEd (special needs); BSC; HDE)
Professional registrations and memberships (HPCSA, HCPC(UK); BPS (chartered psychologist) divisions of educational and child psychology and neuropsychology.

My educational psychology practise is based on my passion for children and adolescents who struggle academically, socially and behaviourally. A main focus area is the support after the initial assessment and providing solutions to the “diagnosis” or challenges that may have been identified in the assessment process.

My time is divided between South Africa and the United Kingdom where I am also professionally registered. My interest in neuropsychology ensures that my assessments conclude more than just “results”. In order to provide solutions we need to find answers to “why?” the child gives the outputs and behaviours that he/she does.

I have embraced the mobility and resources that are available through technology which has enabled me to have an active practise not defined by “geographical boundaries”. In this respect my contact is through this contact form only.

For additional information regarding my educational beliefs and philosophy, including information on various learning disabilities, please refer to my Eureka Learning Systems website.